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Beauty & the Beast @ St Catherine’s was a Roaring Success!

Saint Catherine’s College production of Beauty & the Beast was a sensational success. The show ran from Monday 21st to Friday 25th November and quickly “sold out” on each night. There were also matinee performances on two mornings for pupils from local primary schools.
Delighted audiences rewarded the 70 strong cast with a standing ovation on each night. The extremely professional performances from the students were enhanced by music from a live orchestra, consisting of 14 musicians.
The show was directed by Lauren Hamill and the Musical Director was Dr. Eunan McCreesh, assisted by Siobhan Mallon. The set was constructed by Gabriel McGuigan who was also Stage manager. Sound was by McCusker’s Pro Audio and lighting by Shane Stewart.

Principal, Noeleen Tiffney, paid tribute to the students and staff who had been rehearsing every Sunday since August in order to minimise disruption to classes:

“We are indebted to the teachers and support staff who have given their time, talent and enthusiasm to create such an amazing opportunity for our pupils and we also thank the parents who have supported us throughout the process. “

“Special thanks go to every pupil involved in Beauty and the Beast. They have juggled academic commitments and a hectic rehearsal schedule with such good grace.” Continued Mrs Tiffney.

The cast of “Beauty & the Beast” – the entire team!

“I think the Master is angry!”

“Mama, I hope they fall in love!” Chip (Ellie McQuade), Lumière (Lucy Moir), Mrs Potts (Danielle McKee) & Cogsworth (Catherine Comiskey)

“Let’s dance with pepper!” Aimee McVeigh.

Mrs Potts (Danielle McKee) & Chip (Ellie McQuade): “Tale as old as Time.”

Beauty/Belle (Eilis Fox) & the Beast/Prince (Conor Headley).

“My! What a guy, Gaston!” Gaston (Liam Mohan) & the villagers

“She’s so beautiful and I’m…well…look at me!” Beast (Conor Headley).

“Would you like a nice pot of tea?” Mrs Potts (Ciara O’Hanlon)

Jazz Hands.

“I used to sing at the Royal Opera!” Madame Bouche (Genevieve McKee)

The Maids dance to: “Be our Guest, Be our Guest.”

“Will I ever be a boy again Mama?” Chip (Melaine Lavery)

“She really is a funny girl, that Belle.” Belle (Aine McGrane)

“I, Sir, am not a gadget!” Cogsworth (Catherine Comiskey)

“How long have you had these delusions?” Monsieur D’Arque (Cara Hegarty)

Lumière (Niamh Donnelly).

“It’s been years since I’ve seen a real man!”- Lumière (Lucy Moir), Babette (Megan O’Gorman) & Maurice (Emma McGeary).

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