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Sister Dolores Considine (R.I.P.), RSCJ and the first Principal of Saint Catherine’s College as we know it, passed away on Sunday the 8th January 2017 in Scotland.


Sister Considine was an educational visionary and advocate for social justice whose legacy reaches far beyond this local area.  The education system is now attempting to catch up  with a vision that she implemented over 40 years ago.  A humble soul, she declined  to come to the opening of the building that we named after her, preferring to shun all plaudits and playing down her achievements.


Her original vision continues to drive our desire to provide the very best for every child who comes through our doors, regardless of background or ability.


Her death is a significant passing in the life of this school and our community is therefore in mourning.


May she rest in peace.



“I see myself as applying a flickering spark in 1973, and I salute the magnificent teams who have run with the fragile flame, tending and extending … to the beacon it is today!”

                                                               Sister Dolores Considine


A Book of Condolences has been opened in the foyer of the main convent building in the school. Sr Dolores was also a founding member of the SPRING and RAFT Projects in the town. The people of Armagh and surrounding districts were very dear to her heart. You are warmly invited to sign the Book of Condolences which will be open from 10am until 4.30pm Monday – Friday.

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