Incoming Year 8 Information


Welcome Primary School Pupils
Our School
Find your way
The School Day
Super Subject Section
Clubs and Societies
School Uniform
School Rules
Helpful Advice

1. Welcome Girls and Boys
Hello everyone,

This site is here for you to help you get to know our school a little bit better.
Don’t be worried about moving from your primary school to secondary school. This is an exciting time and we can’t wait to meet you and take you on the St. Catherine’s College journey.
We have included important information and things that we thought you would want to find out more about.
We know this is a big change for you and we want you to get to know our school as soon as possible.
In this site you will find out more about what happens in our school every day, new subjects you will study, clubs you can join as well as some helpful hints to help make your big move as easy as possible.
If you find that we have not answered your question, please visit our FAQs section or email us your question in the contact section and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Let’s get ready to start your St. Cat’s experience!



2. Our School

Try not to worry about coming to our school. It takes everyone a while to get used to new classes and new buildings. Everyone gets lost at some stage - even the teachers!
We all understand how it feels to be new in our school and everyone here in St. Catherine’s College will want to help you settle in to our school as quickly as possible.
You will get opportunities to visit our school during special workshops as well as Open Night, which is a very special day in our school. You will be given a full tour of the whole school and will soon know it better than our sixth form pupils.

If you are ever unsure or worried there will always be another pupil or a teacher who is ready to help so don’t be afraid to ask.

Click on the link below to see some important areas around our school and even some pupils hard at work.



3. Find your way

Our school is located in the heart of Armagh City
We have students from all over the area so getting to our school will be easy.
Buses come to our school from all over. A few places are listed below:

• Portadown
• Lurgan
• Dungannon
• Moy
• Tullysaran
• Eglish
• Loughgall
• Caledon
• Cullyhanna
• Markethill
• Crossmaglen
• Middletown

Don’t be worried about travelling to our school. We will explain everything you need to know when you visit our school with your parents in June before you start.



4. The School Day

The School day begins at 8.55am and finishes at 3.25pm.
Each class lasts between 35-60 minutes and there are 10 periods in the day including lunch.

The School Day

5. Super Subject Section

In Year 8 you will study many new subjects. As well as familiar subjects like English, Science, Maths and Religion you will be studying new subjects like Spanish, French, Technology and Learning for Life and Work.
In Year 8 pupils study the following subjects

• English    
• Maths
• History 
• Physical Education   
• Geography
• Music     
• Art
• Drama    
• Science    
• Irish
• French 
• Spanish   
• Technology
• ICT    
• Home Economics
• R.E    
• Learning for Life and work

Click on each subject to find out more about it.


6. Clubs and Societies

We have lots of extra curricular activities you can get involved in.
No matter what you are interested in we have many different clubs and societies that will help you get more involved in school. It is a great way to help you settle in and meet new friends.

In September you will get the chance to take part in our clubs and societies day and see exactly what each club has to offer.

Some of the clubs and societies that are available to you are listed below.
If you are interested in any of them you can sign up during the clubs and societies day in September.

7. School Uniform

Our School Uniform is green and yellow. You can see all details of the school uniform below.


Indoor Uniform



Pleated/checked skirt (Official School Skirt)

School Pullover

Yellow Blouse (to be worn inside skirt) 

School Tie

School Pullover

Black Trousers

School Tie (Clip on)

Dark Socks

Green Knee Socks or Tights

Black Shoes only

Black Shoes

(Shoes should be no higher than 1½ inches)

(No platforms or slingbacks for safety reasons )

(Trainers must not be worn unless a medical note is submitted).

School Blazer

School Blazer (to be worn at all times)

White Shirt


P.E. Uniform

Official school P.E. Kit


8. School Rules

St. Catherine’s College is a safe and happy place. We are very proud of our school and hope you will be very happy here too. All pupils in our school follow our Code of Conduct. This is set of rules that allows you to be respected and protected.
All pupils are expected to be mannerly, kind and respectful to others.

Click here to find out more about the Code of Conduct

Basically you need to remember the following:
• Be in school by 8.50 am
• Be punctual to every lesson
• Be prepared for every class
• Wear the correct uniform every day
• Complete all class work and homework on time
• Show respect to all teachers and pupils

9. Helpful Advice

Some of our Year 8 pupils would like to give you advice about coming to our school. They were all once in your position and know how if feels to leave primary school and go through the same journey.
Read some of their advice below:


1. “There are so many new opportunities and adventures when you start a new school like St. Catherine’s. My advice to new Year 8 pupils is try not to be afraid as going to St. Catherine’s College when you leave primary school is like starting a new chapter in your favourite book”.


2. “My first impression of St. Catherine’s was that I will grow up here, make new friends here and more importantly, I will learn here. That was nearly four months ago and I now feel like I am part of one big community. Each day is a new adventure”.


3. “When I first came to St. Catherine’s I felt scared and I wasn’t sure where to go. This soon passed and I now have lots of friends and all the teachers are really nice. I love St. Catherine’s because you get to do things that you didn’t do in primary school like experiments and cooking. Good luck. I hope you like St. Catherine’s as much as I do”.


4. “My favourite thing about St. Catherine’s is that there are so many interesting subjects. You have your own timetable and feel grown up. There are also lots of clubs to join so you can become part of the school community”.


5. “My first impression of St. Catherine’s was that it was really big and I was always going to get lost. I didn’t think I would be able to cope with all the homework but I use my homework diary and this allows me to be more organised. On your first day try to make new friends and just be yourself. Don’t be scared. It is a great school!”.


6. “I would tell new pupils that they should enjoy every moment as it all goes so fast. My favourite subject is Geography because it is lots of fun and we always learn new things”. 


7. “My favourite thing about St. Catherine’s is coming to school everyday to learn something new in each subject. I would advise all pupils try not to be shy or nervous because everyone is friendly and willing to help you. You will have a great time in St. Catherine’s”.


8. “My favourite thing about going to St. Catherine’s is that the day goes so quickly and I have learnt so many new things. There are lots of clubs you can join and all the girls in my class are really friendly”.


9. “I would advise new pupils not to worry about leaving primary school. You will make new friends straight away and if you get lost just ask someone where your class is and they will help you. My favourite subjects are Art, Science, History and Drama. All the teachers in school are really nice. Enjoy every moment”.


10. “St. Catherine’s is a brilliant school with lots of opportunities. The teachers are all lovely and encourage everyone to do well. The subjects I have this year are all fun and interesting”.