Sixth Form

Thank you for visiting our ‘Sixth Form in St Catherine’s College’ webpage. We are confident that as you browse, you will become excited at the thought of becoming a Sixth Former in St Catherine’s College!

Sixth Form Pastoral Team
First of all you will be welcomed by the Sixth Form Pastoral team:

Mrs F Tennyson – Head of Key Stage
Mrs E McKenna – Year 14 Head
Mrs M Rennie –Year 13 Head

Curricular Provision
Along with the Senior Leadership team and our Head of Careers, Mr A Moore, we are excited about our post-16 curricular provision. The courses we offer allow all students to achieve their potential and to have access to a variety of routes into Further/ Higher Education. Students have access to 29 AS subjects in St Catherine’s College and a further 8 subjects are offered through the Armagh Learning Community. Year 13 students in September 2017 will be able to choose three / four subjects from the following options.(subject to change):

Applied Business
Applied Science
Business Studies
Software Systems Development
Health & Social Care DA
Health & Social Care SA
Home Economics
Applied ICT
Moving Image Arts
Theatre Studies
Travel & Tourism
I hope you have been able to find the right choice of subjects for you!
We are also very proud of our proven post-16 examination success record reflected in:
Many students year on year receiving university bursaries based on academic excellence at A2 level
The majority of our students being accepted on to their first choice course at university and many students being successful in gaining entry to the most competitive courses

Gospel and Grades in Harmony – Living Faith Programme
Our school is rooted in the conviction that a Living Faith permeates the life of the school.
The concern of St Catherine’s College as a Sacred Heart school is to support the uniqueness of each pupil’s relationship with a loving God through clearly structured programmes of religious formation.  Our school offers this to our Sixth Form students through the Living Faith Programme.  The aim of the Living Faith Programme is to promote Faith, develop social and personal skills, to be of service to others and to support achievement.  The distinctive nature of our school and specifically the Living Faith Programme is the way our faith affects what we do, how we do it and why we do it.
Within the Living Faith Programme, Faith is promoted through:
Enabling students to reflect on and practise their own faith based on knowledge and understanding of the Sacred Heart Ethos.
Engaging students in prayerful reflection (Lower Sixth Retreat: The Servite Priory, Benburb; Upper Sixth Retreat: Lough Derg; Leavers’ Mass; Advent/Lenten/Beginning and End of Year Reflections).
Continuing and supporting the work of parents and guardians by helping our Sixth Form students acquire particular values which emphasise love, kindness, respect, hope/optimism, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance and service.  It is hoped that these values will support our students in their faith journey throughout life.  However values alone mean little.  Actions speak louder than words and it is through the daily articulation of our values that we demonstrate and energise our educational mission. Encouraging students to engage in service to others (St Vincent de Paul Christmas Hamper Appeal, Visits to local Care Homes and Residential Homes).
Within the Living Faith Programme, Personal and Social Skills are promoted by providing opportunities for students to:

Prepare for adult life.
Develop personal and social skills.
Gain knowledge of and reflect on factors that may impact on a healthy lifestyle:

  • Relationships;
  • Drugs and alcohol;
  • Diet and nutrition;
  • Exercise;
  • Self-esteem and self confidence.

The perspectives of faith imbued St Madeleine Sophie Barat’s educational philosophy.  She believed that the formation of the whole person reaches its full potential only when faith informs the entire process.  The Living Faith Programme further provides opportunities for Sixth Form students to:
Reflect on academic and extra-curricular achievements and experiences.
Work together harmoniously in their service to others both locally and globally.
Extra-Curricular Activities/ Posts of Responsibility
In Sixth Form in Saint Catherine’s you have the opportunity to take on many important roles including;

  • Reading Buddies
  • Peer Tutors
  • Befrienders
  • Pastoral Prefects
  • Mentoring Programme
  • Breakfast Club Prefects
  • Common Room Committee
  • Library Assistants

Year 14 – Posts of responsibility (2016-2017)

Head Girls:   Maeve Mallon, Tierna NigUidhir
Deputy Head Girls: Jessica Maye, Niamh Donnelly, Catriona McMullan
STEM Ambassador: Helen McNeill
Ethos Ambassador: Aimee Duffy
Social Justice Ambassador: Ciara O’Hanlon
Anti-bullying Ambassadors: Roise NiAodha, Cara Matchett
IMU Senior Prefect: Molly McConville
International Senior Prefect: Domile Timonyte
Year 8 Pastoral Prefect: Eilis Fox
Year 9 Pastoral Prefect: Nicole Bush
Year 10 Pastoral Prefect: Cara Rafferty
Year 11 Pastoral Prefect:  Aine Hendron
Year 12 Pastoral Prefect: Jordan McShane

Reading Buddies
As a Reading Buddy you get to work with younger members of the school community during form class twice a week. You will be assigned one member of the class who you will work with on a one to one basis in order to improve their reading skills. This is a very important role as the pupil you work with will really benefit from your support and you will make a huge difference to their lives. 

Peer Tutors
Peer tutoring allows you to share your learning through assisting younger members of the school community with their learning. You will attend subject classes one or two periods a week and assist pupils who are experiencing difficulty with their learning. You will help them with a variety of tasks such as; note taking, recording of work, organisation, concentration, listening skills, problem solving etc. This is a very rewarding role as you become a very important person in the everyday life of these pupils. 

As a Befriender you are assigned a Year 8 Form Class and you go to their registration two mornings a week. Your role is to be there to support and guide them as they settle into life in a large post primary school. You will be someone who they can come to for advice and someone who they look up to. It is an extremely important role and duties include; helping the class find there way around for the first couple of weeks, watching out for the group at break and lunch time, helping the class to prepare for assemblies, helping the class organise themselves for the school day, celebrating class birthdays and assisting the Form Tutor with morning duties.

Pastoral Prefects
As a pastoral prefect you support the pastoral staff of the school in a supervisory role before school, at break and lunch time and after school. Your main duty is to befriend and look out for the younger members of the school community to ensure they feel safe and included at all times. It is a fulfilling and rewarding role. 

Study Facilities
We are fortunate to have very committed study supervisors who ensure that both Year 13 and 14 students have quiet, comfortable, stress free rooms conducive to study. We also listened to our students’ requests for after school study and access to ICT facilities. We now offer:

  • Supervised study facilities throughout the school day
  • Supervised evening study (Mon-Thurs; 3.30pm-5.30pm)
  • Access to ICT facilities after school
  • H/W Club

Extra classes run after school by many of our dedicated sixth form teachers

I hope you have enjoyed gaining an insight into the ‘Sixth Form Experience’ in St Catherine’s College. As you prepare to take your GCSE examinations, let me direct you  to the Entrance Criteria into Sixth Form: Admission to Post-Primary Education Transfer 2017 – A guide for parents P23-24 which can be found at

We wish you well in your GCSE examinations and look forward to welcoming you into Sixth Form in St Catherine’s College in the months to come!

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