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Welcome to Team English!  We pride ourselves on being an innovative, forward-thinking team, committed and dedicated to ensuring our pupils enjoy their learning and have a wide range of opportunities to develop their skills and talents.   

Our Key Stage Three Curriculum is action-packed, diverse and designed to meet the needs of learning needs and styles of each pupil.   We build in opportunities to enjoy their English experience with Debating teams, Spelling Bees, Readerz and Scribblerz clubs, the Happy Newspaper crew, pupil-led blog and badges as rewards for progress and involvement – follow us on twitter to see more! 

Our beautiful library, opened by the esteemed Seamus Heaney, is the heart of the school.  Attached to it, we have a Reading Room with a full-time Literacy Support teacher who works to support learners on Individualised Curriculums in a measured, proactive way.  In the library our Sixth Form Reading Buddies can be found with our Key Stage Three pupils, working to complete the Paired Reading programme.  Here too, the Count Read Succeed after-school support programme operates with groups of pupils.  A busy programme of events operate in the library all year round, including Roald Dahl Day, Spooky Tales, Storytelling Workshops, Scrabble Wednesdays - the list goes on.  Check out our Virtual Library tour to find out more!

Library Virtual Classroom

The English Department has an excellent track record with external examinations.  In an all ability school, we are proud that out of over 21,000 pupils one of our girls was placed first in Northern Ireland; another pupil was placed third in GCSE English Language and, in the same year,  another pupil was placed second in NI for Journalism.  As a bi-lingual school , we are also proud of the 90% GCSE English pass rate across IMU education, with five pupils achieving A* grades.


With several CEA Examiners on Team English and a CEA Subject Advisor, teachers in #TeamEng work to create a range of strategies to support learners: structured programmes of study supported by interactive Google Classrooms; ‘C’ the Difference Workshops (a Neighbourhood renewal scheme); A* Masterclasses and a host of self-designed, relevant and contemporary multi-media resources used to engage learners at every level.

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