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Sacred Heart Goals

The concept of the whole person is central to Sacred Heart Education philosophy. It is our hope that Sacred Heart Education will equip our pupils with the faith and the fortitude to cope with the challenges they will face today and throughout their lives.


The active pursuit of our Sacred Heart Goals represents a community spirit and a sense of Cor Unum (One Heart) love and friendship which connects us far beyond our school days. These Goals represent core values which Sacred Heart Schools around the world wish their staff and pupils to promote and live out on a daily basis.


The Sacred Heart Goals guide our behaviour and identify the achievements of each pupil’s journey through our Sacred Heart School. As part of our international family we have symbolic Goals badges; these are awarded when pupils demonstrate core principles and values over a period of time.


Here is some information about how pupils can work towards achieving the Goals of the Sacred Heart.

St. Catherine's Goal Badges

St. Catherine_s Goal Badges.jpg

Goal 1: A Living Faith


The Goal of Faith is symbolised by the Celtic Cross badge.  This badge can be earned in a number of different ways.  Here are some examples:


  • Helping out at our School Mass

  • Participating in the School Choir

  • Participating in Lenten Services/School Mass Celebrations

  • Being a Eucharistic Minister / Minister of the Word

  • Taking on Responsibilities for helping with Liturgy Feast Days/ School Mass

Goal of Faith.jpg
Goal of Character.jpg

Goal 2: Personal Growth


The Goal of Character is symbolised by the Butterfly badge. Pupils can be nominated to receive this badge by:


  • Showing respect and manners to staff, pupils, wider community, visitors

  • Displaying resilience in challenging situations

  • Standing up for Sacred Heart Values

  • Overcoming trauma or tragedy

  • Supporting vulnerable in society, going out of your way to help others

  • Being humble and grateful

Goal 3: Intellectual Values


The Goal of Intellect is symbolised by the Owl badge. This badge can be earned by pupils in lots of different ways.  Here are some examples:


  • Winning an important Competition or Debate

  • Representing the school in a National competition (e.g. Creative writing/ Maths Challenge/ Goals Art Competition/Eco Campaign)

  • Representing the school on local media

  • Taking part in Inter-school competitions

  • Using skills and qualities to improve learning and development

  • Excellent academic achievements

Goal of Intellect.jpg
Goal of Community.jpg

Goal 4: Building Community


The Goal of Community is symbolised by the Bee badge. This badge can be earned when pupils:

  • Provide support for charitable organisations SVP/ Barnardos/Homeless Charities

  • Take part in Peer mentoring/ Reading Buddies/ Befrienders supporting teachers

  • Become involved in Sporting Achievements Team Captain/ Sporting achievements with ALC schools/

  • Participate in Voluntary work with elderly/ neighbours/ Youth groups/Pastoral youth groups/Voluntary organisations

  • Help out with Open Night and other large school events

  • Show inclusivity and diversity in a variety of ways

Goal 5: Active Social Awareness


The Goal of Social Awareness is symbolised by the Globe badge.  Pupils can be nominated for this badge by:

  • Showing empathy for those in need in your class or year group

  • Being Anti Bullying Ambassadors

  • Being Literacy and Numeracy Mentors

  • Taking part in After-School or Dinner-Time Support Groups e.g. Stretching & Challenging learning

  • Taking part in the Princess Trust e.g. hair grown & cut for Cancer Sufferers

  • Sixth Form Blood donations (Road Accident Campaign)

  • Significant Fundraising achievements by pupils e.g. Day of the Poor

  • Promotion of Recycling Campaigns- Tidy schools

  • Eco Club Ambassadors- Climate Change SDG 2030 promotion

Goal of Social Awareness.jpg
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