Vocational Education

Head of Department: Mrs E Hughes

 Since its inception in 1977 Vocational Education has provided our students with knowledge, skills and confidence enabling them to progress into further/higher education and the world of work.

The courses are delivered by an experienced team of fifteen to twenty staff who come from a variety of different departments within the school including Business Studies, ICT, Science, PE, Sociology, History and Home Economics.

In recent years we have had pupils placed top in Northern Ireland at both GCSE and A Level.

In vocational education courses, roughly one third of assessment is examination, the remainder comes from portfolio work which is similar to coursework. This can prove attractive to students who do better in coursework than examinations.

The courses are taught in a variety of theory rooms and ICT rooms. All students are encouraged to make use of the ICT suites in particular for research and enhancing the content and presentation of their portfolio work.

The vocational team has a long tradition of working within the community and learning from it. We make use of the expertise and skills of a wide variety of organisations and individuals on an ongoing basis in the delivery of the course for work experience placements, speakers, educational visits and in keeping abreast with recent developments in programme areas.

The bulk of the courses at present are offered in Sixth Form and comprise:

BTEC First Diploma in Health and Social Care / A Level Health & Social Care (Single Award & Double AwardPathways for BTEC First Diploma HSC / Pathways GCE HSC

A Level Applied Business  Pathways GCE Applied Business

A Level Applied ICT   Pathways GCE Applied ICT 

A Level Applied Science


Double Award programmes are equivalent to two A levels and Single Award programmes are equivalent to one A level. The BTEC First Diploma in Health and Social Care (equivalent to four GCSEs) is a one year course offered to students who have not met the points requirement for entry into A level. Some of these pupils choose to transfer to A level courses in the subsequent year.

We also offer two vocational courses in Key Stage 4:

GCSE ICT & GCSE Health & Social Care

Pathways GCSE ICT 

Pathways GCSE Health & Social Care 

Dearbhala Guy Winner of Rosina Curran Cup for Vocational Studies Sept 2013

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