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Class of 2021 Leavers’ Day

A Special Day for the Class of 2021

Year 14, the Class of 2021, together with their Head of Key Stage, Mrs Rennie and Year Head, Mrs Burns, organised a very special day to celebrate their seven year journey in St Catherine’s College.

Celebrations began in the transformed Sixth Form Centre, bedecked with banners and balloon arches, a special send-off from Mrs Rennie and Mrs Burns and an emotional compilation of photographs and memories of this wonderful Year Group stretching back to their very first days in September 2014. There were more than a few tears shed.

This was followed with a special leavers’ mass in the Cathedral, attended by Year 14 and their teachers and mentors, and celebrated by Father Thomas. Relaxation in COVID regulations meant that singing was permitted and the Cathedral resonated with the voices of this talented Year Group, who just last year, recorded the school hymn ‘Children of the Sacred Heart.’

Mrs Tiffney praised the year group’s resilience and spoke to them of the importance of committing to their goals, even when things don’t go to plan, citing the inspirational words of a past pupil whose tenacity combined with the skills she learned as a proud ‘St Catherine’s girl’ saw her realise her long-term ambitions of becoming a doctor after initial setbacks. Mrs Tiffney’s message emphasised the importance of always drawing on the values and skills they have developed as ‘Children of the Sacred Heart’.

Pupils returned to the Sixth Form Centre where they had their lunch, courtesy of Glaze ‘n Roll – a delicious and much appreciated final meal together. In the afternoon, pupils had their own Awards Ceremony and an opportunity for friendship photographs and sharing of special memories. A vote of thanks was offered by the students to the staff who had guided and supported their journey. The Class of 2021 Yearbook was distributed, signatures gathered and final tearful goodbyes shared as they departed through the green gates for the final time.


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