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GCSE Results at Saint Catherine’s College

Scenes of joy, relief and celebration as Saint Catherine’s College pupils received their GCSE results:

Pictured here are some of the relieved and overjoyed GCSE pupils of St. Catherine’s College who had a straight A*/A profile. Eimear Lennon (10A*), Shannon Trainor (10 A*), Katie McQuaid (10 A*), Eimear Gallagher 9 A* 1A), Maeve Gordon (4A* 6A), Aine Gribben (5A* 5A), Chloe Lenagh (6A* 4A), Beth McConnell (7A* 3A), Mia McConnell (9A* 1A), Cara McCoubrey (4A* 6A), Ellajo McGeary (8A* 2A), Fiona McGrane (6A* 4A), Helen McGrane (4A* 6A), Laura Mulholland (9A* 1A), Erin Murphy (9A* 1A), Ciara Nugent (5A* 5A), Molly O’Dowd (6A* 4A), Zoe O’Hare (6A* 4A), Caitlin O’Neill (5A* 4A), Aine Black (8A* 2A), Eva Druse (8A* 2A), Orlaith Farrell (7A* 3A)

Missing from picture are: Catherine McCourt (8A* 2A), Olivia Dunbar (5A* 5A), Vanessa Varnaite (2A* 8A), Abigail Armanavicinte (2A* 8A), Ataigh King (2A* 8A), Casey Grimley (3A* 7A),Kaitlyn Atherton (6A* 4A)

Proudly posing here with Mrs Noeleen Tiffney, Principal of St. Catherine’s College, are three talented pupils who each achieved 10 A* grades at GCSE: (L-R) Eimear Lennon, Shannon Trainor and Katie McQuade.

Representing the myriad of success stories from Colaiste Chaitriona are Molly O’Dowd and Aine Black, two friends who both have outstanding results and who intend to continue their studies at St. Catherine’s. Picture 2 contains another 2 friends Bailey Breen and Aodan Thornbury and their families who intend to continue to Sixth Form in St. Catherine’s.

Picture here are 2 sets of twins from St. Catherine’s College who, between them, notched up a staggeringly successful sum of 40 A*/A GCSE grades. Photo (6)has Helen & Fiona McGrane. Photo (7) is Mia & Beth McConnell

Success Runs in the Family

Pictured are former Head Girls of St. Catherine’s College, now studying Medicine, with their younger sisters as they open their GCSE results. Photo (8) is Keely Lennon with her sister Eimear who received outstanding results, 10 A* grades. Photo (9) is Emily Druse with her sister Eva as she too revealed 8A* 2A GCSE grades.

Here is a selection of images capturing the pride, joy and support of the many parents and guardians who gathered to celebrate their children’s results on GCSE Results Day at St. Catherine’s College:


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