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Generosity of Spirit In St. Catherine’s College

School Chaplain, Mr Matthew McFadden, has been awed by the generosity of spirit from pupils and staff of the school for this year’s Advent Appeal: “This is the very heart of our School Motto Cor Unum, One Heart. The generosity has been just outstanding. Pupils really responded to the huge need that exists in the local community, this need has been drastically enhanced due to the financial impact of the global pandemic. The food bank supports local families in need providing emergency food for those that cannot provide food for themselves and their families.”

Each year group had a designated Food Bank in which to deposit their goodies to support the local food bank. The appeal was carefully organised by members of the School’s Year 13 Ethos Team. They promoted the appeal, papered boxes, packed away goodies and managed the pupils’ donations, all in a socially and safe distanced way. Matthew says: “They did a great job, we are very proud of the efforts.”


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