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St Catherine’s Supports Anti-Bullying Week

Following on from the success of last Friday’s Kindness Campaigning, pupils from St Catherine’s kick-started this week’s Anti-Bullying campaigns. The theme for this week is ‘Change Starts With Us!’

Saint Catherine’s is proud to support the Anti-Bullying Alliance which is a group of organisations, including schools, who work together to try and stop bullying.

Odd socks were the order of the day as pupils celebrated what makes someone unique. There certainly were some silly, mismatching items of footwear on display! Assemblies, lessons and events led by the School Council and Year Heads are planned all week or raise awareness of bullying and the school’s Zero Tolerance policy.

Our Kindness Ambassador, Melanie Lavery, passes on her important message to pupils at her online assembly this week: “We should all be ourselves, accepting of one another, celebrating differences - that’s what makes us unique and special.”

Follow all the fun, learning and campaigning throughout the week on our Social Media accounts.


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