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The Sixth Form Snug

Our Sixth Form students have been delighted this year with the opening of their new social venue, aptly named, ‘The Snug.’ A newly renovated space beside our Sixth Form Centre, this is the perfect spot for our senior students to gather together, enjoy a hot beverage or have their lunch while catching up with friends and classmates.

When our Sixth Form students asked for a designated space to gather together to have a cuppa and a chat, we listened to their voice and the result has been fantastic! An old storage area has now been transformed into a vibrant and fresh community space. In addition to the essential facilities: colourful seating, kettles, microwaves and a fridge, we were blessed to have our school photographer, Neil McCool, come up with some vivid and eye-catching artwork for the walls. The idea was to incorporate images of well-known Armagh landmarks to add a funky, yet local vibe to the space. The walls are now bedecked with colourful images of St Patrick’s Cathedral, Navan Fort, The Mall, Seagahan Dam, Armagh’s famous apple orchards and of course, the historical Convent Building of our school.

Our Sixth Form Student Snug Committee diligently look after this space, taking great pride in managing and maintaining the running of The Snug, showing admirable responsibility and leadership.

Our Sixth Form students have spoken about the sense of collegiality that this space brings and the morning buzz as our pupils gather for a pre-school cuppa and a chat is a heartening sight to see. In the year of the Sacred Heart Goal of Community this has been the perfect addition to our Sixth Form facilities.


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