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This year our talented Drama pupils were the proud Winners of the Senior Playlet award Armagh Festival of Speech and Drama. Pictured in costume at the event and then pictured at school with their award, this talented trio are very proud of their achievement. They worked under the encouraging directorship of Miss Emma O’Hanlon, their Theatre Studies teacher.

A Level students Megan Cairns, Jessica Curran and Clemency Wilson (Royal School Armagh / Consortium) performed the compelling ‘Somewhere Over the Balcony’ by Marie Jones. The play, set in Divis Flats in Belfast on the anniversary of internment, tells the tale of three women who observe the world from the balcony of their high-rise flats.

Adjudicators at the event praised their skills in executing such a challenging piece. This is the Drama Department’s second time winning consecutive awards in the Festival.

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