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Public Speaking Soroptomist Success

Five talented pupils from St. Catherine’s College competed in the local heat of the Soroptimist International Public Speaking Youth Award Competition, taking first place and the runner-up position too.

Vilte Kiausaite, a Health and Social Care pupil, spoke engagingly on the topic: ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of core’. Jessica, an English LIterature student, spoke on the issue of loneliness in a ‘connected world’.

The competition aims to encourage girls to play a more prominent part in public life; to improve the art of communication; to encourage girls to develop the skills to speak effectively and to articulate with clarity and to develop self-confidence and personality. These girls definitely realised these aims in their diverse, entertaining a dn well-delivered speeches.

Pictured below is Vilte, winner of the local heat of the Youth Award Public Speaking Soroptomist competition; Vilte continues on now to compete in the Northern Ireland Final on 3 February 2024 in Hillsborough.

Pictured above: Vilte and Jessica, winner and runner-up of the prestigious Soroptomist Public Speaking Competition.

Pictured L-R are all the entrants from St. Catherine’s College: Lucy, Vilte, Anna, Jessica and Leah.


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